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About Us: Celebrating the Rich Tapestry of Knitting and Crochet

Situated in the picturesque Cottonwood Shores, TX, Nan's Needleworks is more than just a yarn boutique — it's a vibrant community that celebrates the beauty of knitting and crochet. Founded in 2010 by Ruth Newman, an ardent knitter and CPA, our store has blossomed from a childhood passion into a gathering place for fiber arts enthusiasts.

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Origins: Spinning Dreams and Aspirations

Ruth’s journey with knitting began in her East Texas childhood, where the rhythmic dance of needles and yarn wove together not only garments, but also dreams and aspirations, as well. Drawing upon her deep love for this craft, she envisioned Nan's Needleworks as a space where individuals of all skill levels could access high-quality yarns from around the world.

Curated Selection: Exquisite Fibers From Around the Globe

Curated Selection: Exquisite Fibers From Around the Globe At Nan's Needleworks, we take pride in our meticulously curated selection of exquisite fibers. Our shelves boast an array of materials, ranging from luxurious Alpaca to rare Yak yarns. We source these fibers from countries such as Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, Turkey, and the United States. Each skein in our collection reflects the beauty and diversity of yarn, catering to every project, whim, and creative impulse.

Quality, Creativity, and Community: Our Core Values

At the heart of everything we do, we prioritize quality, creativity, and community. We believe that every stitch tells a story and that every project is a journey. Whether you are embarking on your first knitting endeavor, seeking inspiration for your next masterpiece, or simply yearning to experience the luxurious touch of fine yarns, Nan's Needleworks is here to support and inspire you.

String Yarn: Unleash Your Imagination and Craftsmanship

With our wide range of string yarn, you can transform your creative visions into reality. String yarn, which comes directly from Italy, offers a world of possibilities. Not only does it possess a soft and smooth texture, but it also provides vibrant, eye-catching colors that elevate your projects. With string yarn, you can unleash your imagination and showcase your craftsmanship like never before.

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Embracing the Joy of Knitting and Crochet

Our passion for knitting and crochet extends beyond our store shelves. Nan's Needleworks is committed to fostering a vibrant community of fiber arts enthusiasts. We offer various classes and workshops led by skilled instructors who are keen to share their expertise and ignite your creative spirit. From beginner-friendly courses to specialized techniques, we strive to nurture your passion for knitting and crochet.

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So come and join our creative community at Nan's Needleworks. Step into our store to explore the breathtaking selection of yarns, unlock your creative potential through our classes and workshops, and immerse yourself in the joy of knitting and crochet. We eagerly await the opportunity to share in your fiber arts journey and help you transform your dreams into beautiful, tangible creations.

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