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Louise Maelys Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern Flower Stamped Cross Stitch Kit for Beginner DIY Art Craft Embroidery Kit

Product Features:

    Package Include1 PCS Plastic embroidery hoop1 PCS Different colors threads1 PCS Cotton embroidery cloth with per-design pattern2 PCS embroidery needles1 PCS instructionsHow to Use the Embroidery Hoop 1. Separate the inner and outer frame. 2. Place the outer frame on the flat table (frame face down) 3. Cover the flat embroidered cloth…
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Product Description

Package Include
1 PCS Plastic embroidery hoop
1 PCS Different colors threads
1 PCS Cotton embroidery cloth with per-design pattern
2 PCS embroidery needles
1 PCS instructions

How to Use the Embroidery Hoop 
1. Separate the inner and outer frame. 
2. Place the outer frame on the flat table (frame face down) 
3. Cover the flat embroidered cloth on the outer frame. (Embroidered face down) 
4. Lightly press the inner frame into the outer frame with embroidered cloth together. ( inner frame face down) 
5. Flip the embroidered cloth to feel the tightness, it can be used for embroidery in tight state. 

Product Features

  • Pattern size: H:6.5 inch, W: 6.5 inch, Hoop size:7.9 inch in diameter.
  • Stamped Hand Embroidery: The embroidery kit features vibrant colors, and quality embroidery cloth, stamped stylish design. It is a great value for home decoration.
  • Adjustable Hoop: Embroidery hoop has a brass adjustment screw so that you can tighten when necessary to keep the fabric as tight as a drum.
  • Popular Gift: A fashion and beautiful gift for your family or friends,ideal for people who want to enjoy the fun of the embroidery.
  • Package Included: 1 PCS embroidery cloth with pattern, 1 PCS embroidery hoop, 1 PCS color threads, 2 PCS embroidery needles, 1 PCS instructions.